This Page includes educational and humorous videos about science and learning. (Thank you

Speed is Distance over Time Song

How to Use the Speed Formula

How to Solve a Positive Acceleration Equation (increasing speed)

How to Solve a Negative Acceleration Equation (decreasing speed)

Newton's 3 Laws of Motion

ForceMan! Cartoon

Hammer and Feather Drop on the MoonWill they really hit the ground at the same time?

Newtons 1st Law Rap Video

Newtons 2nd Law R&B Video

Newtons 3rd Law Rap Video

Bill Nye demonstrates Gravity (by tossing stuff off a building)

Gravity Cartoon song (to the tune of Yesterday)

Bill Nye and Conservation of Energy

What is Work?

Bill Nye and Static Electricity

Reflection and Refraction of Light

Electromagnetic Spectrum


Dr. Loopy's Potential and Kinetic Energy

Mark Wood from the Tans-Siberian Orchestra teaches about frequency and pitch

Doppler Effect